Sunday, April 15, 2012

Popular Blogs and Bloggers in Kenya

Blogging is the in-thing in Kenya right now. There was Facebook but as of late its no longer so interesting. Unless am getting traffic from them or just checking what is happening on a lazy day like this, you won't find me on Facebook. I love a good opinion and that is where bloggers come in.

Well if you are looking for a good list of popular blogs in Kenya, here we go:

Nairobi Wire
If you want to know what is happening in Nairobi and generally Kenya, this is the blog you should be reading. Mostly covers entertainment news and celebrity gossip.

A Nairobi's Perspective
Generally covers life in Nairobi and the world at large. Read about the opinion of a Nairobi guy and his two cents about everyday life.

This is a blog about Kenyan politics and news.

Kenyan Girls Relationship Blog
I love this girl! No, I love her articles. If you want to read the latest about love, romance and relationships, some female gossip, you should be subscribed to this blog.

The Lily Review-Tell your Story
Another blog about love and relationships. Expert analysis of relationship issues and more.

The Photography of Mutua Matheka
Love photography? You've got to love this blog. Look at stunning photos taken by Mutua Matheka. If am not wrong this guy won some wordpress award for his efforts at photo blogging.

For the lovers of poetry and creative fiction, this is the blog you should be reading.

Mars Group Blog
The Mars group are famous for their role in activism. This is their official blog.

Kenyan Jobs-A collection of Kenyan Jobs
This blog post fresh jobs everyday. If you are a job seeker than you should be subscribed to their email list or rss feed. For those who are seriously tarmacking, safe your fare and read this blog everyday. You might land a job very soon.

I must admit that this might not be the most comprehensive blog list ever. If you are a blogger and you feel your blog has been left out. You can add it here at Kenyan blog list.