Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to Promote your new blog Post

So you have finally written that killer blog post and you are jumping up and down your seat? You are possibly thinking of the traffic it is going to bring to your site. You are looking for ways to promote your post and make it go viral. After all this could finally pitch your blog up there with the giants. Where do you start then?
I would start with social media. So should you. Nowadays it is so easy to get thousands of free visitors just by sharing content on Facebook, twitter and the rest.  Humans are social. Social media helps you get recommended by friends to other friends and it is so easy to build mutual trust. You are going to need that if you are serios about internet money. You should however be careful on how you share your posts. Most people follow you because you are interesting. If you keep tweeting or updating uninteresting things, you are giving them a reason to unfollow you or unlike your page. Be on the look out for things that go viral to 'get it' when it comes to social media marketing.

Ping your post. This is a great way to update the search engines and many other services about new content on your blog. You can use, they provide great services. Some people may argue that it does add no value but I would say there is no harm in informing the slow search engines that you are churning out great content.

Let other bloggers know about your blog post. This may prove a bit difficult if you have not done your networking very well, but it is worth the effort. If a blogger likes your post and recommends it to their readers you could get lots of traffic. A fellow blogger is also more likely to link to your post.

Deliver it to the inbox. A mailing list is one great way to promote your posts. Recommending a post to your subscribers tells them that you feel it is important they read it. You should however go slow on the number of times you email your readers. If you blast my in box with emails every day, the best thing I could ever do for myself would be to unsubscribe from your list.

Forum commenting. If you have joined forums where you can include your recent post in your signature, other people will easily know about what you are posting. There are also forums that show your recent post automatically. You will have to provide them with your feed URL though.

So there are five ways you can use to promote your blog post. Used effectively, they will not only promote your posts, but your blog too.

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