Thursday, September 16, 2010


Google offers you a great way to monitor what is happening in the world wide web by offering a content monitoring service; Google Alerts. You are automatically notified about content from news, videos, blogs, groups or just about anything. Once an new item meets a certain set of search terms you are notified via email, feed or in your Igoogle page.
You get to choose the frequency of the alerts. It could be from once a day, once a week or as-it-happens. Choosing as-it-happens may mean you get lots of emails delivered to your inbox everyday. I would reccomend one to choose at least once a day. You also get to choose the Email lengths of the alerts. You can choose from up to 20 rtesults per email or even up to 50 results per email.
Google alerts will help you remain posted on what is happening in your niche. You definitely want your blog to always deliver on time content. You want to be on top of things. This is definitely one way to make your blog popular. Being the one that delivers the news first.
You might also want to know what people are saying about you. You definitely don't  want people creating a negative image of you out there. You will want to know when content about you is posted somewhere on the net so you can correct it. Reputation in this business is very important and protecting your blog and its content is of paramount importance.
Google Alerts can also help you generate content for your blog. You can set a search term in your niche so you get content about such. When you get to read what others are writing you will get an idea of what you can post.
Google Alerts is free and you can set it up in a minute and be getting notifications on the next. For any serious blogger out there who wants to retain his popularity and make his blog authoritative, it is definitely a must. So go on to your Google account and set up Google Alerts. You will definitely love it.

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