Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Back links today are the backbone of search engine optimization.Coupled with proper use of anchor text, link building will see you move to the top of the Search engine results pages(SERPs). We all know what that means. Lots of free targeted traffic from the search engines. Traffic on the other hand means more sells or clicks and as a result we end up smiling all the way to the bank.
So if back links are going to guarantee me a top spot with the search engines, where can i get them?
I have listed below various sources where one can get free back links.
  1.  Do follow social bookmarking sites-You only need to open an account with this sites and bookmark your sites and voila! there is a free back link. I stumbled on a list of do follow social bookmarking sites.  Do check it out, it will go a long way in optimizing your site for the search engines.
  2. Website Evaluation sites- There are some sites that help you know the value of your website or blog. They then create a page for your site that links back. If you can evaluate your site in several such sites you could build several back links for your blog or website.
  3. Directories- You can submit your site to directories. There are several sites that offer auto and semi automatic submissions. You may check out their services and submit your blog.
  4. Commenting- This is another way one can build back links. Learn to comment on popular blogs (make sure they are do follow). You can leave your link where it seems appropriate to do so. Avoid spam comments as they will most likely be deleted. Always observe netiquette. 
  5. Articles submission sites- The likes of Ezine articles, Go articles, Isnare and the rest give you an opportunity to submit your articles free to them. In exchange they will provide you with a resource box where you can leave your link. This not only build links but also generates traffic for your site.
The bottom line with link building is to do it slowly. Build  at most 20 back links in a week. Getting too many back links in a short time may attract penalties from the search engines.

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  1. I have been publishing for so long that thousands of other site owners have built links to mine all over the place, and so currently I do not have to engage in link building campaigns for some reason. Maybe the search algos count enough for me to rank in search with what I have, but I do remember when I first started out asking other sites to link to mine, but I always wrote a personal email and did not ever use software for it.

    Even today, I receive many requests almost daily for links, but I can tell most of these come from software generated emails. The rare ones write a personal letter. Everyone seems to be automating while I am still all manual in all that I do. Thankfully, that still works :)