Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Blogging is slowly turning into a movement. The numbers are increasing everyday. It is not only fun, its an interesting way to make money online. With so many blogs out there, everyone is competing for attention. Every serious blogger out there wants his blog to be noticed, not some useless one that nobody cares to visit. Or if they do, they never come back.
With thousands of blogs out there, you must be asking yourself how you are going to make yours stand out, gain some popularity and readership.
It is a world filled with average people. Blogging is not in any way an exception. With a bit of hard work and great content you can move your blog to higher heights and gain popularity by the day. I have listed some ways that I think will go a long way in making your blog a success story.
Step 1. Choose a topic you have authority in. There is no good reason you should talk about cars when you only own a bicycle. There are so many experts out there and competing with them when you know nothing won't make you look bright. Stick to what you know, the entire blogosphere and beyond will thank you for that.
Step 2. It would be a good idea if you choose a good blogging platform. It is even better for you if you are self hosted. You can have your blog on Tumblr, Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress and the rest. However blogger has a higher popularity, as it is easier to use.
Step 3. Launch your blog with at least ten articles. You don't want people to think you are just starting out. You want them thinking that you have established some authority in your niche. A blog that looks like you are still building it is not attractive at all. Everyone looks for experience, and with one post  you don't exactly look like you know much.
Step 4. Blog Promotion is a must. You have to get people coming to your blog. You can do both online and offline promotion. Join communities at Mybloglog , Blogged and the rest. Make sure all outgoing emails have your blog URL in the signature. Use word of mouth. Include your URL in your business cards. All in all make sure somebody is reading your blog.
Step 5. Search engine optimization is very  Important. The best free and targeted traffic will always come from the search engines, full stop. No matter what anybody says, SEO will never die. Build back links, they are the most important part of SEO. Just make sure your blog is performing very well in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Step 6. The last important thing is building a mailing list. The good thing is that it keeps your readers coming back. Also note that regular readers are more likely to comment. Comments are one way a blog shows its authority.
The above methods will prove very useful as you build your blog. Just keep writing great content and you will get your readers addicted. And that is a good thing!

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