Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cheapest and most reliable webhosting in Kenya

Welcome to the best web hosting service in Kenya. We are a fast growing company that deals with web hosting, domain registration, internet services and more. We specialize in web hosting, domain registration and selling of website add-ons like site Lock, SSL certificates and other web development products. Our focus is to be the best domain registrar in Kenya and East Africa.
As your hosting provider, we guarantee you an unmatched service with a 99.9% uptime guarantee ensuring that your customers can access online services you provide all year round. We also offer timely backups to ensure that the data you host with us is never lost and can easily be restored in the event of accidental deletion or loss of data and web applications.
As the world becomes a digital village, you as an individual or even business entity should consider going online. At, we offer you a platform to transform your business and reach out to a wider range of clients worldwide. Our business solutions include professional web hosting, email hosting (, web security, web development and more. We deliver on our promises and in our time of existence have served many satisfied customers.
Having a website or blog is important for your business as it:

·         Enables you to sell your products online and earn extra revenue.

·         Your business will operate 24/7 as the internet never closes

·         It is easier to set up a website and sell from home than rent premises if you are a start up without lots of capital.

·         You can easily get feedback from your customers through your website.

·         You can provide better customer relations by having helpful content on your website. This reduces the need for extra customer care attendants.

·         You can provide a personal touch to your business by having personal blogs for employees. This endears more people to you especially if you are involved in non-business activities like conservation, people’s rights etc.
A website is a must have for any business worth its name. If you host with us you will get unlimited professional email addresses that bear your company name. If you have been using free email services like gmail and yahoo, it is time to move on to professional services.
Join the Hostbora family today and discover why we are better than the competition.