Thursday, January 20, 2011

Make Money Writing for Constant Content

Are you a good writer that is finding it hard to get a good income from your blog? You are always writing good content, always remember to update every other day, try some marketing yet your Google Adsense never reaches minimum payout? Are you always wondering how other bloggers remain afloat at times when your blog is just picking up and you are not earning much?

Constant Content can be the answer to all your questions. Founded in 2004 it has grown to be one of the largest marketplace for articles and website or blog content. With over 10 000 websites that rely on it for their content, you are guaranteed to get some good returns for your content.

I have been writing for constant content and I can assure you it really pays. You can sign up today and start making money with no time. You only need to pass a simple quiz to start submitting articles. It is nothing difficult and if you can read this I am sure you can get the minimum 4/5 and start making real money.

Constant content gives you 65% of the value of your article. Note that you set the price of your article and with articles going for as much as $25 this seems to be a very good deal. If you have a blog or a good number of Facebook friends or even better a mailing list, you can make some good money through their referral program. You get 5% commission of all your referrals earning cut from Constant Content's 35% share.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start making real money. It is even better than having to sell your article for $2 at GAF. can however be an easy way to make a quick buck. Say you want to make some money for the weekend. Besides that you can make money with bigger jobs like Web development, HTML5, Copy Writing and more. Just show your expertise and you will shine and get paid like it's end month all the time. Success is for those who are not scared of hard work. Once again click here to sign up and start making money with constant content.

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