Monday, December 13, 2010

Indifference to Success; The Key to Successful Blogging

When it comes to blogging, successes both big and small are bound to be realized. Whether it is topping the Search Engine Results Pages(Serps) for a keyword you have been working on  or making your first dollar online, you are bound to see some success in your blogging soon or later.

How you handle the small successes determines whether you are ready for the big. Just becaues you got your first adsense payment doesn't mean you need to stop working on your blog. Unless you are sort of average (of which most of us are) you need to think about scaling higher height in your desire to be a better blogger.

If you are thinking of blogging as a career, earning a full time income working from home, then you need to think about working on the security of your income. Having to depend on Google as I wrote in another post can be a catastrophe-in-waiting. Think of what could happen if Google removed you from their search results.

If you have succeeded in your Search Engine Optimization, it would be a good idea to look at other marketing strategies that can work for you. Of late there has been intense debate on whether social media is taking over. Although this is still debatable, you can't ignore the social networking sites. They provide a steady source of traffic as well as a media for communicating to your readers. They also help in building a community for your blog.

Your blog might also have succeeded in gaining lots of visitors everyday and even some loyal readers.  While this is a big success in itself, you can do better for yourself if you think of ways of getting this people join your mailing list. Like you already know 'the money is in the list'.

Most bloggers get satisfied with the little pennies they get from their blogs. If you get enough to pay your hosting charges, then you think it is enough. For some yes, for others it may be not. If you are blogging as a hobby, a few dollars a month is OK, if to you you are in it to make money blogging, you just have to work harder.

Some wise guy once put it 'the world is filled with so many average people that you only need to add one percent more effort than the next guy to standout.' Just a little effort everyday. That is what you need to do, keep on working your way up the ladder till you reach the top.

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