Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10 Things That Will Make Your Blog Successful and Popular

Making your blog successful, popular and authoritative can be hard work. Blogging was never easy. Just like your day job it requires effort to see results. With so many blogs out there all competing for recognition, you need to work extra hard to make your blog grow to an authority in its field.

Here are things you could do to achieve this within the least time possible.

1. Write Quality Content
Content, content, content. It will forever remain the most important thing in your blogging. You need to write 'killer articles' that keep your readers coming for more. You need to have link baits that will ensure you get lots of backlinks for better search engine rankings. Building authority for your site comes from offering content that your readers can believe in. Content that adds value to their life, or blogging for that matter

2. Market Your Blog
You can write great content but if nobody knows of the existence of your blog all this will be a waste of time. I have been using article marketing to promote this blog as it is very simple and delivers results. Other forms of marketing include social media marketing, search engine marketing and offline promotion of your blog. Make sure you have real visitors coming to your blog, they can easily market the blog for you.

3. Comment on Other Blogs, Reply to Comments on Your Blog
Every blog needs comments. Unless you are starting out and you have closed commenting because you are not getting visitors, you need something to show your visitors that your blog is popular. Humans always want to be associated with success. If your blog looks successful, you are more likely to get loyal readers.
Commenting on other blogs can help you get comments on your blog. I have discovered that whenever I comment on other blogs, the blog owner most of the time comes and leaves a comment on my blog. This only happens if you have left useful comments.
Replying to comments shows that you value your readers and their contribution to your blog. Always make it a habit of replying to all useful comments. 

4. Interact With Other Bloggers
Interact with other bloggers in your niche and share your blog and expertise with them. You can do this by actively commenting on their blogs. You can also connect with them via social networking sites like twitter and facebook. Fellow bloggers are more likely to link to your blog. They could even list you in their blogroll. Think of what this means to your blog.

5. Focus on Your Readers, Love Them to Death
It doesn't matter if you have ten loyal readers or a thousand; appreciate the value they add to your blog. They are more valuable than a million out there that don't know of the existence of your blog. Always answer their questions and reply to their comments. These are the people who are more likely to tweet your posts or share them on Facebook. They can be very instrumental in promoting your blog.

6. Give Away Freebies. 
People always love them. I am working on a e book that will be available for free very soon. E books can be a great way to promote your blog. Imagine if you give away a free e book to your readers and they share it all over. Just like videos e books can very easily go viral. Since they have links pointing to your blog they can generate lots of free visitors.

7. Subscribers
Make it very easy for people to subscribe to your blog. Either through rss feed or through e mail you need them if your blog is to succeed. Feedburner offer a great service that can help you build a great subscriber base.

8. Be an Expert
Make sure you look big until you are big enough. Show confidence in your writing and never be shy of offering your opinion on controversial topics. Your readers will love you for it. Most people just want to follow and if you give them a reason to, they will follow you.

9. Avoid Showing Your Readers Your Weaknesses. 
If you have failed to post in your blog for sometime you don't have to remind your readers. Chances are that they didn't notice. Telling them will only make you look lazy and not focused on your blogging. Instead show your strengths and maximize on them to build a better blog.

10. Don't Give Up That Easily
Blogging takes time to produce results. Patience and persistence is what is responsible for the success of the many bloggers you admire and envy. Work hard on your blog and you will love the results.

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