Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The other day I wrote an article about five ways to promote your blog. Top among this was blog commenting. We all seem to love it. Come on it is easy and if it can bring traffic to my blog, why not do it?

It is our nature as humans to choose the easiest way to get from point A to B. So if commenting is going to take me to the heights of my blogging career, why can't I do it? After all Alvin says it's one easy way to get your blog noticed. And truly if you ask me I am going to say yes! It definitely is. However the question is not about its feasibility, it's about effectiveness. Is commenting that effective?

For a long time people have used commenting to attract people to their blogs. It is an easy way to get traffic to your blog. For every comment you leave you get a link back to your blog. As many people as started doing it, it's effectiveness has come under question. Does it really help? I am going to say no then yes.

Come to think of it, commenting is very easy, the average Joe can do it. Just a few lines and you have a link back to your site. You can now siphon visitors to your site. Really?  Sorry to disappoint you, things are not that easy. Before any internet user click on a link, they must have a reason to do it. Come on, we don't click on links just because they appear blue, or they are underlined. We go online to look for information. If your comment is not adding value to the conversation nobody is going to click on your link.

Trying to steal visitors from a site is another tactic that is never going to take you far. If I am selling a product at $10 please don't tell my readers they can get it from your site at half price. I am sure even themselves can smell such desperation 100 miles away. Observe netiquette when commenting. If your comment is good enough we will try to visit your site and say hi!

Commenting can help you get traffic to your site. But it can also get you a few internet enemies or a title everyone tries to avoid, spammer. You surely want to protect your name especially if you are a newbie and are trying to build you reputation.

Their is an inseparable relationship between quality and effort. They go together. Next time you want to comment, read the post first. Digest the information, then put your sincere thought down there. You will be making the difference and trust me you will notice that.

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