Friday, October 29, 2010

Where to get free blogger templates

The other day I wrote a post on ways you can make your blog stand out. I didn't mention getting a custom template or Wordpress theme on purpose. I wanted to cover it in more detail. Today I will focus on blogger templates and save Wordpress for later.

There is nothing wrong with having the default blogger templates. They look good enough. However making your blog unique from the millions of blogs out there is really important if you are serious about blogging. You definitely want to be taken seriously and not be seen as a newbie who is just getting their feet wet.

So where can you get really good free blogger templates? You will actually be surprised by what you can get if you Google 'free blogger templates'. I have however listed some five really good sites that will give excellent templates that will help you 'pimp' your blog.
  • Premium blogger templates- Gives you a great variety of templates adopted from Wordpress themes. You will be spoilt for choice as the templates here are really good. If you can edit some HTML you can make your blog look really nice with one of them.
  • 20 Premium blogger templates- Just as the name suggests you will find twenty templates you can choose for your blog. From simple to stylish templates, here you will get what you need for your blog.
  • Free blogger templates- Whether you blog about music, entertainment, the outdoors, environment, just anything, you will find a template here to suit your taste. They have one column, two column and three column templates. I recommend you choose the three column templates as you can add more gadgets. You can also get Adsense optimized templates here.
  • Btemplates- You can get templates adapted from Wordpress, Premium, Magazine, Photoblog etc.The choices here are many. You can also choose from one to four column templates depending on your choice. Just download it and use for your blog.
  • Final sense- This one got on this list because of they are very easy to install. Unlike the above mentioned where you have to download then upload, this ones you simply need to copy and paste the code when editing your HTML. Anybody who uses a computer can install templates from final sense.
With all these sites offering great looking free blogger templates, why not make your blog look better.  You don't want your blog to look like every other blog without a direction out there. At least show us you are serious about blogging. We will all follow you. After all you are making a difference.

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