Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The fight for domination of the search engine market is still on. Bing has been looking to have a slice of the big chunk Google boasts of. Lately they have been making inroads although slowly. Of late Yahoo search is powered by Bing. So what does this mean for my site and what do I need to do?

The two search engines combined have a market share of about 31%, a figure that cannot be simply ignored. You might want to consider optimizing your site for Bing as well. The good news is that you do not need to worry about Yahoo search as if you appear on Bing you will on Yahoo too. The search results are all the same.

Another reason why you should think about Bing is the fact that their users are more likely to click on ads. This is according to a survey by Chitika back in June 2009. Updated in December the same year, Chitika shows Bing users are still ad crazy . With a click rate 50% higher that Google's I am sure you know what this means for you.

The best thing you could do for yourself is to head over to Bing webmaster tools, open an account and start working towards a higher ranking in Bing. Google still comes first but Bing cannot be overlooked. They are slowly earning their place in the top Search engines and currently command a market share of 10%.


  1. Google now has competition. At least the partnership by the two search engines may help us guys who are bored with Google.

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  3. I am glad you enjoyed reading the article. It is always a good thing to share and to learn.