Monday, October 18, 2010


As of today, over 200 000 blogs are reportedly created every day. This figure sounds terrifying in the ears of every newbie blogger. You just created your blog, which was easy, a walk in the park only to realize blogging requires more effort than just putting up a blog and writing good content.

I know every person who claims to have a clue to blogging success claims good content is the only way your blog will soar high. I believe that too. You need to keep writing killer content that will keep readers coming to your blog. However that is not all you need to do. Good content only gives your blogs wings, if you want to touch the sky you will have to flap them. That’s where blog promotion comes in.

With millions of blogs out there, it is the only way to get noticed. Well, writing for a few friends is okay, but if you are planning to have a successful blog that makes you enough money to live on, you have to do something.
There are many ways you can use to promote your blog. But of all this I would say nothing works better than article marketing.  I have my reasons and I intent to share:

Google loves them- Getting traffic for your blog is one thing, people will read your articles in such directories and come to your blog, on the other hand you still need high rankings in Google (traffic is never enough). Directories are constantly updated with new content and as you know Google loves that. Most directories are considered authoritative.  Therefore getting some backlinks from the directories will help your SEO efforts.
Writing articles doesn’t require much effort- You can write an article for a directory submission in twenty minutes. You can even submit five articles daily. Improving the amount of traffic coming to your site can be as easy as that. Don’t forget the amount of backlinks you will get from your efforts.

Resource box- At the end of each post directories will give you an opportunity to express yourself and promote your site. You can improve the number of people coming to your site if you are descriptive, creative and convincing. You also get to choose the anchor text when linking back to your site. I am sure you understand how important anchor text is in SEO.

Link relevance- In article directories you can write about many diverse topics. If you blog about fashion you are going to write about fashion. That means somebody reading your article at let’s say Ezine Articles will have a higher chance of coming to your site. Link relevance is also very important in SEO. A link to a site talking about a particular topic to another one covering the same topic is considered better than one from an unrelated site or content.

Not many people do it- Some ways of blog promotion have been used by so many of us that they are no longer that effective. Take blog commenting for example. So many people do it to the extent of spamming. You will be lucky to get ant traffic from comments nowadays. Not so with article marketing. Most bloggers are lazy. Writing content for blog promotion is not anywhere in their list. That means if you do it you are more likely to gain results from your efforts. Remember you get what you pay for.

You should definitely consider article marketing in blog promotion. Of the many ways you can use to promote your blog, it has to be listed at the very top.

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