Friday, October 22, 2010


Many people claim Search Engine Optimization is difficult. They would rather spend lots of money paying some specialist to do it rather than learn the basics and do it themselves. Call it sophophobia (the fear of learning)or whatever you may but the term SEO will scare the hell out of many people.

Better search engine placement is paramount for any successful blog, so the importance of search engine optimization is not debatable.

Search engines present free and targeted traffic that we can tap into and get enormous profits out of our blogging efforts. So if Search engine optimization is not hard, how easy is it?
To me, and to many people out there, only three things are of ultimate importance when it comes to optimizing your site for the search engines. The others are either part of the three or may not affect the end result to a large extent. In fact, instead of complicating SEO, you should focus on this three.

  • Keywords- You have to ensure the keywords you are optimizing your site for are relevant to site content. If your site is about making money blogging focus on keywords related to that.  Remember also to optimize your site for keywords that are used in searches. Ranking no.1 in Google for a keyword nobody uses is never going to help you in anyway. On the other hand a keyword that gets 100 000 monthly searches could bring you lots of traffic. Ensure the keywords you are optimizing your site for are placed in titles and beginning of posts. You can even consider having your keyword in your URL. Search engines are considering that in determining placement.
  • Backlinks-  The second Important aspect of SEO is backlinks. A dofollow link from another site constitutes a backlink. The more backlinks you have the higher your chances of appearing top in the Search Engine Results Pages. Make sure you get backlinks from sites with similar content as link relevance is an aspect of SEO too. The higher page rank a site has, the better the link. If you can get backlinks from .gov or .edu domains, then the better for you as they have more link juice. Inbound links are also very important. Sites like Wikipedia and Amazon rank very well due to their large numbers of inbound links. Though they don't do it for SEO, it still helps them get better placement.
  • Anchor text-  This is the click able part of a link.  It is the choice of words people use when linking to your site. Anchor text is considered by most Search engines when determining search engine placement. Use your keywords in your link building efforts.
So does that sound like something you can't do? Not to me. In fact if you ask me, anybody can learn SEO and get their sites ranked well. It only needs some bit of hard work here and there.                        

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