Saturday, October 2, 2010


Many people have joined the blogosphere with the wrong information. Some expect to make money within the first month, others believe they should gain popularity within no time. Most of the bloggers with this attitude tend to make lots of mistakes, but anyway it is nothing to be ashamed of so long as you can learn from them.

I have listed some of the most common blogging mistakes. Read them and find out whether you are guilty of any, and what you should do about the situation.

1.Expecting your blog to market itself -O.K some guru out there told you that you only need great content for your blog to succeed and you believed that? Get serious! There are over twenty million blogs out there. You have to work hard to get noticed. If things were that easy no one would need to clock 9-5 for a pittance. We would all be happily blogging. So stop being lazy, do article marketing, join communities at Mybloglog, join blog carnivals...just do anything to make your blog visible.

2. Being a copycat - This is the worst. You just read a great article and you think it should be on your blog? You can surely think better than that. Nobody loves copycats. We all love original articles. Copying other people's stuff will only make you look uncreative and can push your readers away. Most people would love to read it from the original source.

3. Lack of a specific subject- If somebody asked you what your blog was about what would you say? If you blog about a thousand and one things, you are just going to confuse your readers. And another thing, people join your mailing list or subscribe to your feed because they love what you are writing about. If they have no clue what your blog is all about, they will never subscribe. You surely don't want that? Be specific.

4. Spamming the social networking sites- Promoting your blog on Facebook, Twitter and the rest is fine. But when you decide that they should all be about your blog, you will be walking the wrong path. People go to this sites to have fun. So if you keep updating about your blog only, you won't get far. You have to be interesting, that is the reason they follow you. When promoting your blog always remember that.

5. Impatience- If you tought you will earn anything worth writing home about in the first month, then am going to have to burst your bubble. It takes time to earn anything. Work and build your blog. You will reap the benefits later.


  1. Great tips you have given. I might also add that may bloggers think that posting many useless comments and leaving your links pasted there will help your blog grow. Fact is it will only have you labeled as spam.

  2. That is very true Alvin. Making money online requires considerable patience. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme