Friday, November 26, 2010

Using Your Blog to Make Money

Most of us think that the only way to make money out of a blog is to monetize it. Well that is the easiest way to make money blogging but it doesn't mean it is the only way to make money out of a blog. In fact there are lots of their blogger who just use their blog as a bridge to their real income generating activities.

Many people freelance at or elsewhere. The most common job is obviously writing. If you get a writing job you will have to prove that you can write. For the times I have done freelancing I have always hated having to submit a sample copy. Now if you have a really nice blog you don't have to do that. You can have your prospective employer check out sample copies of your work from your blog.

If you have an online store you need to have some means of referring people to it. What else could be better than a blog? It is easy to update, ranks well easily with the search engines and your customers can give their views through the comment section. Using your blog to push up sales can be very effective. There is however one very important rule when it comes to using this method, do not monetize your site. It makes you look cheap and this can work against your credibility.

Most experts today are offering consultation through their blogs. Readers are free to ask questions which can be answered through blog posts. Now this will build your profile and give you an opportunity to showcase your expertise. You will be able to gain more customers this way.

Several A-class bloggers today are offering coaching on how to become better bloggers. From Problogger to Yaro Staraks . You can create programs where you teach other people about something you are good at (doesn't have to be necessarily blogging). You then use your blog for enrollment.

So you see, you don't have to make money out of your blog to make money blogging. You can use your site just as a tool that makes generating an income easier.

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