Friday, November 5, 2010

Why you are not making money online

O.K somebody told you making money online was easy. If you ask me that is very true. You can make money online and big amounts as at that in fact snoring while your online shop continues to bring in more and more. So why do we keep on insisting that making your money online is hard?

The reason why I claim that making money online might not be a walk in the park is because I talk to newbies most of the time. People who come online with starry hopes and inflated expectations. You might want to blame those wise guys who never seem to run out of things to sell. After you have read their PDF file  that was supposed to give you the magic trick to make you millions within no time, you realize that you need to see their video which will outline how to bla bla bla. Before you realize it your losing more money than you are making, if ever you are.

So why would it be so difficult to make money online? I have tried to outline some of the reasons that dollar has proved elusive.

You are doing the wrong thing. Seriously If blogging isn't your thing do something else. If you can't do affiliate marketing why try it? Why not do something easier like freelancing? It is much easier and you don't have to wait to make money. However if you feel whatever you are doing is where your heart is, stick to it.The greatest successes are born out of big dreams.

You are not willing to learn to learn. The biggest advice you are ever going to get around here? Learn to learn. It doesn't matter whatever job you had as your day job, doesn't matter if you could pick the bad boys out of a rabbit hole. In the dog eat dog society of the internet it is a good idea to seek advice before you begin to regret. Don't learn from experience, there are those of us who have done it for you, why do it?

Always remember things are not easy. Working online is not much easier than working offline. You have to put effort to see results. If you think the make money snoring slogan was meant for newbies please don't quit your day job, at least not yet. The only advantages you will find here are like, you won't have a boss to bark at you, you don't have keep up with the latest fashion(you can blog with your t shirt and jeans), you work when you feel like and so on.

Work comes first rewards later. If you have chosen blogging, you won't make anything for the first two months. This are meant for marketing your blog, optimizing it for the search engines, writing great content etc.
Don't let anybody mislead you. You will realize how easy it becomes to make money blogging after you have put in the hard work.

This are the most reasons newbies find when they try to make money online. It very saddening to see somebody full of hope go away because they came with the wrong information or attitude. Making money online comes easy, if only you invested in hard work before.

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