Monday, November 8, 2010

How to monetize your blog

After you have been blogging for some time you get to feel that you should be paid for your efforts. Or maybe it was your idea from the start to make money blogging. Whichever the case blog monetization is something that has to be approached with caution.

If you started your blog without ads introducing them might scare some visitors away. The only way to avoid this is to have ads on your blog when starting out. This way nobody will be surprised as your goal will be very clear straight from the start. If you are just begining to have thoughts about monetizing your blog, don't be shy about it. Try this methods I am suggesting below.
  • Google Adsense- The granddaddy of all blog advertising solutions. You can make lots of money from Google Ad sense if you have a content rich website that receives a considerable amount of traffic. Ads range from text ads to image ads or even text links. Highly customizable to fit your blog or website.
  • Infolinks- Great pay per click advertising solution. After Adsense i would say this is the next best option. All websites great and small are welcome to try this In-text advertising solution. The best thing about it? No minimum qualifications. You can have ads running on your site in minutes.
  • Chitika- Display ads relevant to your search engine traffic. Get paid monthly via Paypal($10 payout) or Checks ($50 payout). Great advertising solution if that can generate lots of revenue if you get lots of traffic from the search engines.
  • Ads Fundi- The good thing about Ads Fundi is that they pay you per click and per sale. You get 75% of the cost of the click and 50% commission for every sale made. It is very easy to set up and you can have ads running in your site in minutes. If you have problems having your Ad sense account approved then this is a great alternative.
  • Adbrite- This another great way to monetize your site. You bid for ads and then display them on your site. Works for most people. Worth a try.
  • Bidvertiser- Get paid monthly via check or PayPal. Minimum payout is only $10. Only highest ads are displayed on your site for maximum revenue. Another great advertising option.
  • Speedyads- Another advertising solution for you. You can set it up and have ads running on your site in minutes. Get paid monthly via check or PayPal. Minimum payout is only $10.
This advertising solutions should definitely help you make some money out of your blog. Remember making money blogging is not about how many ads you display but the amount of targeted traffic you get. Instead of pasting ads allover your blog find ways to increase your visitors if you really want to make money.

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