Monday, December 6, 2010

Why You Should Never Rely on Google for All Your Traffic

Google is a great search engine. In fact it is the market leader. It has been doing a lot to give its customers better results each and every day. The other search engines have been making inroads of late, like the partnership of Yahoo and Bing. However, such is yet to bear fruit. We can therefore say that there are only two search engines that really matter; Google and Google.

In their trying to keep their customers satisfied, sites especially new ones get affected. You have to know that Google are not thinking of your site, they are thinking about what is good for business.

Take the sandbox for example. New sites that are overzealous about getting better rankings are send to the sandbox almost immediately. Though not a punishment or penalty, it is kind of a probation. Your site will get very poor rankings for keywords you have been trying to target. It may take up to a year to get out of the sandbox.

Google also has a myriad of 'things a webmaster shouldn't do' and which you are supposed to follow to the letter.

It would therefore seem foolish to have to depend on Google for all your traffic. You could wake up one morning to a big disappointment. There are other many ways you can use to to get guaranteed long term constant traffic sources.

Article Marketing for one delivers very good results. I have been using it to promote my sites and the results are nothing short of marvelous. In a short time you can have thousands of links pointing to your site. This means guaranteed traffic.

Video marketing also works just as fine. 'How to' videos or tutorials work best. People just love things that make their lives easier or for that matter blogging. So upload those videos on Youtube and you will see the results.

E books can also generate massive traffic without much effort. Just write good e books and give them free from your blog. They have the ability to go viral just like videos. Since they have links pointing back to your site, they will keep readers coming and coming.

Search engine optimization is surely something every serious blogger takes into account. But you shouldn't focus entirely on it. Think of other ways you can get traffic to your site. Building a blog that depends on Google may not be the best idea ever.

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