Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beyond Freelancing: Make a Dependable Earning Online.

Freelancing is arguably the  easiest way to make quick money online. You just need an account and a skill. What you make translates to how fast, accurate and hardworking you are. The opportunities are endless, so long as you can stretch your muscle.

The list of freelancing sites is endless, but come to think of it, their investors have a head count, and they are not so many. The problem with freelancing is that it provides you with your daily bread, so long as you can work. You could say that you are always ready to work, but think about it, you want to rest too and let your work work for you and your money to bring you more cash. It's always welcome,old notes, crisp notes, virtual, plastic, money is always good. You want to invest your work so that it can bring more money tomorrow.

When you are freelancing, you never have any rights to your works. As soon as you sell them to the guy hiring you, they cease to be yours. Say you write an article and sell it for a $1 or $5 if you get a good deal , even if your article went viral and earned they guy who bought it a fortune, you would never claim it, even the credits.

It's always a good thing to create a business, however small for your products. There are so many ways you can sell your work so it brings you money everyday. For example you can create a website for your product(say software) and sell it to many customers by charging for downloads. Last time I checked, the mama mboga was selling his Sukuma wiki online, high end market.

By taking time to develop on your works and sell them for what they are really worth, you will never make enough to live off online. Freelancing is for college, build a small business after that. It's a way to grow out dependency. In Robert Kiyosaki's cash-flow Quadrant, the idea is to be on the side where either people work for you or money is working for you. Take some time to look at the image below.

Take some time to invest a future for yourself, so you can get more time to play and share laughs. Trust me, they are the most important things about life.

I have nothing against freelancing, it's an easy way to make a quick shilling, however if you want to make big bucks,  like they say it, you have to grow past that.

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