Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to make money online

Yes you can make money online. A lot of money. This is because there is no limit to the number of hours you can put in an online job. If you get paid hourly then you know with a good hourly rate you will be able to earn a decent income. If you are smart enough to own a web store where your products get bought all the time, then you can make money 24/7/365. That is why you hear of phrases like ‘make money sleeping’. It is real and happens to many of us.

Starting out nowadays is easy. You don’t even need web design skills. Web 2.0 technologies like Wordpress and blogger are making it very simple for you to get your name or your business out there. There is even Facebook and twitter, two popular social media sites where you can build a faithful following. When you are blogging or tweeting or even a social update, ensure that quality is observed. People like, retweet, click links and buy because they believe that what you offer is quality. A satisfied community, buyer etc., can act as a referee to your services or products pushing your sales and brand even further.

 Whether you are thinking about freelancing, affiliate marketing, selling your own products or even any other web business, you need to get your name or brand out there. Blogging, social media marketing, advertising, word of mouth etc. are some of the ways to get your skills, services or products and known. Remember if nobody knows you or your products, they won’t care about you. Business does not change just because you are using a modern technology.

Google Adsense
It is a very easy way of monetizing your content online. They have lots of options that allow you to even choose the kind of advertisements that appear on your site. Letting Adsense display ads by default is a better option and allows you to concentrate more on building your content rather than worrying about advertisers. The biggest challenge newbies face is making money for a start. You can’t help but notice how long it takes for someone to make a click. Worse, a click is a measly $0.01. Welcome to Google Adsense. You need traffic, lots of traffic if you want $5 clicks. Believe me people get higher than that. Build good content, high user engagement, social media marketing, advertising etc. and your online audience will grow. So will your Adsense earnings.  More on Google Adsense here.

Offer a service
You can do more with a blog than just wait for your Adsense earnings. For example, you can use the content you have posted there to negotiate a freelancing contract. Potential employers always ask for proof of skills. This is why I always encourage you to produce quality content always. Take your time if you have to. If you wrote 100 posts that don’t rank compared to 1 quality post that goes viral that would be better for your business, image, and pocket. Just add quality content to the web. 

When you offer quality, you get hired and paid good for your services. I know many people who don’t even run ads on their blogs. They just offer a service to their readers. You can offer to write quality blog posts, write poems, make and deliver cakes, cards, and any business, service or product you can think of. Your blog helps you get people who are interested in your skills so you can sell them either as service, product or knowledge.

Offer Information
People love information. People want to know how things work even if they won’t or can’t do them by their own. If you have a cake blog or website, you can share videos or articles about making cakes. You engage your social following with information, tips, jokes and pictures on cakes. You then sell the cakes to your audience. Posting quality content markets you through shares, word of mouth, likes, retweets, bookmarking, social bookmarking and more. Sharing information sometimes works better than advertising. 

Sell products
If you sell digital products, selling them is as easy as putting up a website and a shopping cart. If you sell physical products say clothing, cars etc. you need to find a way of shipping your products. If you don’t want the hassle of handling all that, you can sell your products on Amazon. I will be writing an article about that and I will share it with you. The reason I won’t explain it here is because I want to make it more detailed. The good thing about selling your own products is that you determine your pricing so you get your money back, and some good profit maybe.

Be an affiliate marketer
If you don’t have products to sell, don’t worry. You can make money promoting and selling other merchant products. You get a percentage of the sale which is known as a commission. You sell lots of products, you get lots of commissions. Many people easily make money doing affiliate marketing because it is easy. Just promote the product, make a sale and you make money. You don’t have to worry about shopping carts or shipping. The merchant mostly handles this.

There is never a limit to the number of ways you can make money online. Other ways include photography, trading in money, advertising etc. Find your niche and put lots of work into it. For an online business, just like elsewhere, the only shortcut to success is hard work. Hard work pays. Hard work pays more online because you can reach out to more people than you will with a business that only concentrates on offline customers. 

Making money online can help you earn money even when you don’t have the time to spend on your business. Say you are a student. You can still expand your cake business for example without having to compromise on your studies. This is because sales will be determined by how many people you can reach through your blog or website or social media. This means you can stay in class and still make sales. You just have to arrange for deliveries. Online business can be very convenient.

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