Friday, November 1, 2013

Join Payoneer for ease of Global Payments

Many people are now working online. Even those who are not fully working on the internet, a part time job can help you increase your earnings and maybe help you buy that dream house you have always wanted. Or is it a car? Whatever the case, having at least two incomes can help you save for something big you want to do. It is very hard to succeed just by doing one thing.

The first question I get when I tell people that they can make money online is ‘how do I get paid?’ Fair question I would say. Some of the major payment processors like Paypal don’t pay to Kenya. Of course nowadays you can get your money via Equity Bank or even Nation Hela, it however takes time. 2-5 days in most cases. Sometimes you can even wait for eight days. If you work hard for your money, real time payments are the way to go. Finish the job or sell a product and you have your money already. That is how good services work.

I have been using Payoneer to process my online payments and so far I love the service. Getting paid from top U.S. companies is a breeze. If you have ever used, Elance, Odesk, Apple, Amazon, PayPal, Skrill (MoneyBookers) etc. you are going to love the Payoneer Debit MasterCard. It just makes payment processing a breeze. It is not just for your payments alone. If you ever wanted to pay another person, you can do so easily with the card.

Once you apply for the card, it should take 2-3 weeks to arrive. ATM cards for local banks take roughly the same time. The card will be sent to your postal address so you should ensure that you provide a real one. Postal addresses in Kenya start with P.O Box and are different from a physical address which is where you live. Always use a postal address to ensure your card is delivered with no problems.

Once your card has been delivered then you can use it to process your payments globally. Getting your money is as easy as visiting an ATM card with a MasterCard sign. I am sure any bank worth its name in Kenya has a partnership with MasterCard. I personally use PesaPoint as their ATMs don’t swallow cards. A Payoneer card is the best card for online payments and once you get one you won’t want to lose it.

Even better than withdrawing your money using the card is shopping with it. You swipe free! If you wanted money to buy a fridge for example, just use your card to pay for your item at the many MasterCard points of sale throughout the country. Again nearly all major supermarkets and even the not so major ones accept MasterCard.

Online payments have never been this easy before and this is a chance for every Kenyan to make money online. Don’t just say there are no jobs. You can work for somebody a continent away from you and still use the money in Kenya. 

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